Samsung Unbrick

How to unbrick Soft Bricked Samsung Android Phone

If your phone is stuck in boot loop

If your phone is stuck in boot loop - that is, your phone keeps rebooting - happen many times if you are flashing a new ROM and you forgot to wipe all the data of the previous ROM, your phone boots every time with some error and hence will keep rebooting.

To fix this type of problem Go to recovery mode, booting into recovering mode varies device to device, here we are taking Samsung case so press volume plus + home screen button + power button, wipe "cache partition" then navigate to "wipe data/factory reset" and format all the data and reboot your device.

If this method didn't worked then flash the recovery.tar file, adopt the following tutorial.

If your phone is stuck on Samsung logo or in recovery mode

If your phone is stuck on Samsung logo or every time it boots into recovery mode, just follow these steps very carefully to fix this problem.

Before you begin -

Now follow these steps very carefully

  • Run Odin v3.0.7 on your PC as an administrator
  • Switch off your device, go to download mode (volume down + home screen button+ power button), then press volume up to continue and connect to your PC
  • When Odin recognize your device, click PDA option and navigate to the recovery.tar file where you have downloaded it
  • Select recovery file and hit START
  • The flashing process will complete and Odin will show a PASS button with green background, your device will be rebooted

Now before you flash a new ROM -

  • Make sure you have enabled USB  Debugging on your device
  • Make sure you have latest Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC
  • wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset before you flash a ROM


How to Unbrick Samsung Android Phones with One Click



  • First install java on your pc if you haven't java go to Java site and install it.
  • download one-click Unbrick tool
  • window users will need .rar/.zip extractor software , you can download free all in one (7zip) extractor form here.


1. Right-click on the One-Click.jar file, move down to option "7-zip" and then select "Extract to OneClick". (as shown picture below)


2. Now you will get a 'OneClick' folder.

3. Now copy 'OneClick.jar' file and paste it into the 'OneClickheimdalloneclickresourcesHeimdallPackage' folder.


4. Right-click on 'oneclickloader.exe' file and choose 'Run as Administrator'.

5. Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.

6. After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.


7. Connect the phone to computer via USB and click on "unsoft brick" button to recover your bricked Samsung android phone