Guide to unbrick bootlooping SWR50 that is able to get into s1 bootloader/flash
1. Power off device by holding power key until it reboots and then
switches off with few vibrations
2. Connect to computer and check device
manager - you should see unknown device
3. Install Sony PC
Companion from this website
if driver appeared in the Device Manager, e.g. unknown device will disappear and
something like SEFLash will appear under usb controllers
If driver is still
not found - try to install Emma ----
and get this driver to work
4. Go into PC Companion and click on "Support
Zone", it will be downloaded
5. Then click on "Accessories software update"
and try to update Smartwatch 3 (We might get new versions in the future, so it
will be easiest to do so)
UPDATE: Now you can reflash
from Accessories page, it will ask if you want to refrlash. Keeping steps bellow
for information purposes.
6. If #5 not working:
Click on
"Phone/Tablet Software Update" (yes, silly), click on "repair my phone/tablet",
click Continue and Agree to all licenses, etc....
7. Once presented by the
list of phones - Select anything I guess, but I selected Xperia Z2, it should
start downloading and then updating.
8. Once done it will say build number
watch was flashed, in my case it was KNX01V
9. Disconnect watch and boot
P.S. I guess they show phone selection just to provide instructions
how to get into download mode and then flash based on the versions from
P.P.S I'm glad I tried this last resort thing after being ready
to deal with verizon support and waiting for new watch...