Sony flash tool


Flash tool for Xperia™ devices

Here you can learn more about the flash tool for Xperia™ devices, which is a desktop application that you can use to flash Sony software on your unlocked Xperia™ device. This is useful if you've for example flashed a custom ROM on your device, and want to go change to a standard Sony software. This flash tool can only be used by Xperia™ devices having an unlocked boot loader. Please note that your phone still stays unlocked, and that the warranty may still be voided.

Also note that only a limited number of phone models and software versions are supported by this tool, as we are currently running it as a beta version.

Follow the instructions on the Install page below to download and install the flash tool. Flash instructions and a list of supported phones (including flash key mappings) are also found in the pages below.


How to download and install the flash tool

how to flash

How to use the flash tool

Learn how to use the flash tool for Xperia™ devices.

supported phones

Supported devices & flash keys

Check if your phone is supported and see what flash key to use.